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: do you think it is in the united states of america's national interest that qaddafi has to go? we know it's in the interest of the libyan people, but is it in our national interest? >> yes, it is, because if qaddafi stays there is no question that he will be mischief in the days ahead, as he has been in the past. furthermore, i think what is happening all across the middle east is in our strategic national interest. if we have emerging democracies, people who come out who say to al qaeda, "look, we didn't have one suicide bomber, we didn't have one violent, you know, sort of explosive act against the west or somebody to make a dramatic statement. we took matters into our own hands with respect to our own government and we have produced change." that just, you know, that's not an iranian moment. it's not an al qaeda moment. it's the people of libya attaching themselves to the very values and principles that we have espoused for so many years in that region. i think if these countries do reform, and they do give greater voice to their people and there is greater opportunity, economi
of the problems with the rails and they work tirelessly to keep the trains running. >>> bank of america called them intermittent service disruptions. but for online banking customers a computer gift today created a big headache -- a computer glitch today created a big headache. mike sugerman reports. >> reporter: halleluia, the website is back up and running within the last couple of minutes. bank of america's online banking site is running. for the better part two of days it wasn't. i didn't get any confirmation from bank of america but i'm a customer and i can get online now like millions of others can in california. you know, you really don't understand how much you use this thing and how much you depend on it until it goes down. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: using the bank used to be hard. >> the bank offers us many services... and like mr. frank adams, most of us use the bank. >> reporter: mr. frank adams didn't have online banking then. nor would he have had it today. >> online banking right now currently down. they are experiencing some technical difficulties with the service. it should be
to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. the united states of america is different. >>> discrimination suit. america's biggest retailer on edge as the supreme court takes up one of the biggest workplace lawsuits in history. >>> and caught on tape. a vintage air force plane makes an unexpected water landing. this is the "cbs morning news" an unexpected water landing. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, march 29th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. defending the u.s. military mission in libya. president obama says the operation was necessary to prevent a campaign of killing. this morning rebel forces continue to push west under the cover of allied air support. nato takes command of the operation tomorrow. secretary of state clinton arrived in london last night. this morning she will attend a conference to discuss what comes next in libya. last night the president said u.s. actions in libya stopped a slaughter and was a moral obligation the u.s. could not ignore. >> to brush aside america's responsibility
. and "assignment america." you don't want to run afoul of this goose. >> i've seen her go up and scare the heck out of pit bulls. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. secretary of state hillary clinton could not have put it more bluntly. she says it's time for libya's moammar qaddafi to go. and the united states and our allies are stepping up the pressure on him to do just that. clinton said no option is off the table, including imposing a no-fly zone which would ground libya's air force. today the u.s. moved a destroyer and a marine amphibious task force closer to libya, and the treasury said at least $30 billion in libyan assets have been frozen. in spite of all that and with much of libya in opposition hands, qaddafi still refuses to leave, telling abc "all my people love me." we have a team of correspondents in the region. first, kelly cobiella in tripoli >> reporter: for the second time, a funeral in this eastern suburb of tripoli turned into a protest. people here claimed
a joint effort between san francisco shelter and virgin america. the staff members of the shelter say there is backyard overbreeding and abandonment in the bad economy. on the other hand, chihauhaus are in high demand on the east coast. so virgin america is taking the dogs to new york at no cost to the shelter. the dogs expected to be adopted quickly at the manhattan aspca. >> we had a surplus. we had to pick and choose who to ache and who to leave. we tried to combine older ones, younger ones, little adorable pickup business but they are a lot of work with ones that are a little older and more settled down so there should be plenty of selection for new yorkers. >> reporter: the flight leaves at 7 a.m. from sfo. the dogs will travel comfortably in the main cabin with san francisco animal control staff or virgin america volunteers beside them. and with wi-fi near every seat, they will document the journey with live updates and you will be able to follow them on the plane through your facebook or twitter account. it's >> so not firs
the signs of steroids abuse. >>> what president obama is expected to say about america's future in libya tonight in a speech. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday, the 28th day of march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00 straight up. in honor of this lovely weather we're having this week we decided to bring everyone upstairs. >> this will be permanent. >> and celebrate. >> the gang is all here. and we have sunshine. >> hey it works. >> i'm jealous. so let's start off with some weather and some golden rays out there. >> we have been giving frank a hard time. ever since he arrived we have seen rain pretty much every day. >> it's over. >> so my question, are you going on vacation on wednesday and thursday? we are finally going to see some sun. >> i haven't been told yet but maybe i should. i'm okay with a three-day weekend if that's what it takes. >> that may be why we're seeing sunshine but you will finally get to see what sunny california looks like. i know you grew up here but it's been a long time since we have seen the sun. >> we are
, a team effort between the san francisco animal care and control and virgin america. there's going to be one airline volunteer or shelter staff member per dog as they board the flight. here's what's going on. the shelter is getting far more chihauhaus than they can handle but they are in high demand on the east coast so virgin america is taking the dogs to the east coast at no extra cost to be developed out of the manhattan aspca. earlier this morning, we asked local shelter staffer the reason for the the overpopulation on the west coast of chihauhaus. >> really easy to breed. you know, we live in small spaces and they don't take up a lot of space. they are still a lot of work and people find that out quickly and relinquish them to the shelters but they are just really overbred. people are not spaying and neutering as much as we would like to see them doing. >> reporter: the dogs will be divided into two groups and loaded onto two planes, one departing at 7 a.m., another at about 9:30 this morning. they will have their own little section on the plane. the dogs will travel comfortab
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," distant cities united by tragedy and friendship. steve hartman's "assignment america." and the a.t.f. allegedly encouraging u.s. gun sales to mexican drug traffickers. now there's evidence other agencies knew about it. >> couric: carlos pasqual resigned over the weekend, ending a stormy tenure as u.s. ambassador to mexico. diplomatic sources say the last straw was the scandal sharyl attkisson exposed on this broadcast, an a.t.f. program that allegedly let thousands of weapons purchased in the u.s. reach drug cartels in mexico. tonight as sharyl reports, another a.t.f. agent has come forward. >> reporter: south of el paso on mexico's side of the border lies juarez. >> juarez has been the most dangerous city in the world. >> reporter: it's where a.t.f. special agent rene jaquez worked for the past year. that's him before he shaved his head working with mexican police you were concerned a lot with trying to keep u.s. guns from being trafficked into mexico. >> absolutely. i mean, that's what we do as an agency. >> reporter: that's why jaquez says he was so alarmed to hear his own age [ female announcer ] most women in america aren't getting the calcium they need. but yoplait wants to change that. only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value ♪ so pass on the news and we can help close this calcium gap together. to get you started, we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com. the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. >>> you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. >>> japan battles to contain radiation, but what about our nuclear reactors here in california, a look at our risk for a meltdown. >>> a gunman takes over a marin county bank. what he wanted and it wasn't money. >>> governor brown is turning to his pet core gee to help balance the state's 26 billion- dollar budget deficit. what the dog will do to raise some cash. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. >>> radiation is spewing from a nuclear power plant in japan and the prime minister is telling millions of people to stay inside, don't open any windows, don't even hang any laundry outside. >> tonight th
on online banking? bank of america customers just got a 48-hour crash course. the risky moves some had to take while the computer was not an option. >> a relatively new supermarket chain is about to open its doors. how you can tell it is listening to its customers. >> the impact broke this and it chipped a lot of the paint. >> as if a costly tow isn't bad enough. this car was also damaged in the process. what we've learned about the company. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the public utilites commission says muni's condition is the . >> state regulators have pomona on the hot seat. the public utilities condition says mun i's condition is the worst among california's transit systems. investigators found a series of violations on the muni line that could pose danger to the safety. they call the accusations overblown and unfair. they are aware of the problems work tirelessly to keep it running. >> fresh and easy executives say american shoppers will find that the stores cater to their needs. ann has a preview of the first store in danville. ann? >> reporter: dana, the fresh even easy is making
. even those egyptians that see america's support as crucial right now will also remember that america helped fund mubarak and his repressions for almost 30 years. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. >> mitchell: and just ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news", a top state department official loses his job in a wikileaks plot. plot. >> mitchell: before leaving for europe and the middle east, secretary of state clinton today accepted the resignation of her chief spokesman. he was forced out over comments about the man accused of leaking top secret documents to wikileaks. witt johnson has more. >> reporter: state department spokesman p.j. crowley's decision to step down came just three days after calling the treatment of the suspected wikileaks leaker ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid. private bradley manning is being held in solitary confinement at a marine corps brig in virginia. each night he is stripped naked, then wears a suicide-proof smock to bed. the 23-year-old military analyst faces a slew of charges relating to the largest document leak in american history. crowley's re
. >>> the verison wrap up show. rule the air on the fastest most advanced 4g network in america. >>> the zoom tablet, the first tablet powered by android3.0. with an interview and a display. grab it and it grabs you. only at verison. >> you're watching the verison wrap up show with otis livingston. >> hello again, i'm otis livering stone. we'll run you through all the information as we get you through the second round. five seed arizona taking on memphis. it was late in this one, the three pointer. wesley grabs the offensive rebound, but derek williams says i'm sorry, sir, not on my watch. williams finishes as the wildcats finish 77-85. healing off oakland. a big time all around effort for the big time. texas over oakland, 85-81. staying out west, duke's freshman sensation, point guard, irving returns to the octoberive rose we are 13 points as the blue devils cresh hanson by 42. they will play them next. the fist ones to win a game without a freeway flow. we'll check in, featuring the regular season acc championship and top need in the southwest, kansas. stay tuned. >>> the verison >>> the veriso
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. >> ,, i love america, i love my pet bald eagle brock, my bison sara, i love my pick-up with the custom constitution paint job... i celebrate jury duty... i love america so much, i'm making an all american jack combo two jumbo patties, with melting cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles, plus fries and a drink for only $4.99. i've celebrated every american tradition...except one... spring break cancun yo!!!!!!!! try the all american jack and enter to win >> little rain tomorrow too, right, roberta. >> not a little a lot. 2 inches. >> when will it start? >> by the morning commute. >> something to look forward to. to. >> david letterman is coming up, during cold and flu season. that's why we started a mission for health. by going beyond clean surfaces to healthy surfaces. by making a healthy way to wash hands. and even by working with a pediatrician to develop lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools. when you use lysol, you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit >> i called up norm and norm said i did not realize your son would take it
coverage tonight. ♪ god hates america... >> reporter: the message from the westboro baptist church is hateful. "thank god for dead soldiers." "god hates fags." church members believe god is killing all american soldiers because the country tolerates homosexuals. >> we are trying to warn you to flee the wrath of god, flee eternal destruction. >> reporter: but no one paid much attention until the church started taking its message to soldiers' funerals. matthew snyder died in iraq. his father told cbs news last fall that the protests at matthew's funeral stole his last moments with his son. he sued the church for emotional distress and got a $5 million judgment. >> somebody said to me, you know, "$5 million. i bet you... i bet you'd give it up to have matt back." i would give it up just to say good-bye. >> reporter: but the supreme court said in an 8-1 decision that the church doesn't owe snyder a dime. chief justice john roberts said the first amendment protects even hurtful speech to ensure that we do not stifle public debate. now, justice alito dissented. he said the protests don't
bus accident in america's biggest city. >> mitchell: veteran new york police officers said an early-morning highway accident today of the most horrific they've ever seen. the crash of a bus carrying casino patrons on outskirts of new york city killed at least 14 people. jay dow tells us what happened. >> reporter: the tour bus was packed with passengers returning from a connecticut casino as it headed for chinatown in lower manhattan. the driver apparently lost control trying to avoid a tractor trailer at the new york city border. >> in an effort to avoid that activity, the bus driver swerves all the way over to the right. he strikes the guardrail. the bus goes-- along the guardrail. >> reporter: the tractor trailer driver kept going. the tour bus hit a sign post and rolled on to its right side, its roof sheered off by the pole. 13 people died at the scene. 19 more were taken to the hospital. firefighters called it a gruesome scene. >> the majority of the occupants in the bus got pushed forward into the bus, into the forward third of the bus, including some of the fatalities. >> the
of the mission. the president says america's role will be limited. >> we're not putting any ground forces into libya. >> reporter: and that other union heaveal in the middle east like the recent bloody crack down in syria will be looked at case by case. >> each of these, we are looking at and an liz will-- analyzing carefully. but we can't draw some general, sweeping conclusions about the entire region. >> reporter: and president obama makes his pitch monday evening in a televised national address. he'll have to sell u.s. military action in libya to an american audience already weary from two long warrings in iraq and afghanistan. jim? >> at the white house for us, thank you. elsewhere in the region the government of syria has sent the army into the main port city of latakia the latest city to be swept by protest against the rule of president bashar assad. the government says at least 12 people have been killed, reportedly by ungown-- unknown gunmen firing from roof 207s. for more on the policy challenges facing the president we are joined by john dickerson. good evening. >> good evening,
day in and day out all over the world by america's air force. >> boric acid helps cool the fuel rods by absorbing the heat. pg&e kept enough acid on hand to cool both reactors on diablo canyon plus extra if needed. >>> there are ways to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. log on to our website,, and click on "links and numbers" for a list of agencies that are coordinating emergency relief. >>> in other news, more rain expected around monterey bay this weekend and this could cause a lot of problems as caltrans assesses a collapsed section of highway 1. take a look. a two mile stretch of the scenic highway near big sur will be closed for at least a month. it will take that long to make a temporary repair. highways 46, 68 and 101 will be used as detours in the meantime. these collapses are nothing new to highway 1. storms in 1998 caused $32 million in damage between carmel and san simeon. >>> it was coming down good this morning. >> sure did. so we know what's in store for the weekend, right, lawrence? >> this storm system just picking up around the bay area as we
. we've got 104 nuclear power plants in america now. i was informed this morning that about 23 of them are built according to designs that are similar to the nuclear power plants in japan that are now the focus of our concern. >> schieffer: are we prepared for an earthquake like this? i mean, obviously, this is not something that is going to happen once a week. but what about our buildings in this country? is it time to think about reassessing specifications for that? >> it is. the japanese, as we've learned in the last few days, because of the terrible earthquake back about 15 years ago, have retrofitted old buildings. new buildings have high standards for withstanding earthquakes. in the west coast-- california, of course-- we always think of the area of our country most likely to be hit by earthquakes. new buildings have been equipped with earthquake resistant systems. a lot of the old buildings have not been retrofitted. it's time i think for states to look at their building codes and see whether they want to take preventive action. the other thing-- i spoke this morning with craig
to representatives of a muslim group about tea party conservatives. >> white, middle america, gun-toting, i mean, it's scary. they're seriously racist, racist people. >> he goes on to say npr would be better off without federal funding. a goal conservatives have sought for decades. ron schiller also resigned from npr. >>> on the "cbs moneywatch," stocks in asia slid this morning. ashley morrison is here in new york with more on that. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, betty. well, asian markets saw a sell-off as oil prices rose near $105 a barrel. japan's nikkei tumbled 1.5% to a five-week low, while hong kong's hang seng fell nearly 1%. today wall street gets the very latest look on the weekly jobless claim numbers. on wednesday stocks closed slightly lower. the dow lost just one point while the nasdaq gave back 14. >>> foreclosure notices dropped to a three-year low last month. but, experts caution most of that drop is because lenders put a temporary stop on some home seizures due to allegations they were cutting corners with paperwork. still, nearly 65,000 homes were repossessed last m
who was hold up at the bank of america at camel pius drive in corte madera surrendered after 10:00 p.m. t man was requesting some pretty high-level meetings. >> reporter: inside the bank of america a gunman masses back and forth. he is talking on the speaker phone with police and f.b.i. negotiators outside. they are telling him he is surrounded and should give himself up. police say the man is clearly suffering from psychological problems. first he demanded a conversation with the ceo of bank of america. now he wants to talk directly with president obama. >> he begins waving a gun around, a pistol, black. >> reporter: dg till on the was a customer at the bank. he says the man walked in with what appeared to be a typewritten manifesto around 4:30 this afternoon, he told the employees to tape pages of the document to the front window. what was he saying? st. louis he didn't want to harm anyone, he was there to make a statement about the economy and banking in general and just how sit corrupt and run by criminals. >> what were you thinking the whole time? >> umm, well i was thinking may
addresses the nation tonight, laying out his case for attacking libya. >> these may not be america's problems alone, but they are important to us. they're problems worth solving. >> mitchell: i'm russ mitchell. also tonight, new fears in japan. highly radioactive water is leaking from the fukushima plant and plutonium has been found in the soil. plus, she preys on child couples. cbs news tracks down a con artist making thousands in an adoption scam. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> mitchell: good evening. welcome to a special western edition of the "cbs evening news." president obama made his case for military intervention in libya tonight, telling the american people he did it to prevent a massacre in benghazi. he said once again that u.s. involvement would be limited, with coalition allies taking over command of the operation. chip reid is at the white house tonight with more on the president's speech. chip, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, russ. the president said he refused to
a catastrophe. tonight, president obama will try to convince a skeptical public and congress america's mission in libya is working. he'll deliver a nationally televised speech just a day after nato agreed to take full command of the operation. and at least one u.s. warship reportedly left the region. >> i think the military mission has gone quite well. >> reporter: the obama administration touted progress. following another weekend of air strikes. coalition forces hit targets in tripoli, and for the first time, moammar gadhafi's hometown of sirte. since the attack started more than a week ago, rebel forces have been able to push west and regain control of several towns. the president's speech comes in amid growing complaints from both republicans, and some fellow democrats. critics say he never asked for congressional approval before taking military action, and still hasn't given them a clear plan. >> this policy has been characterized by confusion, indecision, and delay. >> there should have been a plan for what objectives were, a debate as to why this was in our vital interests. >> reporter:
preventing a humanitarian disaster in libya would support america's national interests. and one republican senator wants a plan for what happens after gadhafi, who will leave the country and also who will pay for all of this effort. >> all right, susan mcginnis joining us live. thank you, susan. this morning the libyan government is denying reports that one of gadhafi's sons was killed during an attack on tripoli. 27-year-old khamis was the libyan leader's sixth son. various unconfirmed reports say he was killed saturday night when a libyan pilot crashed his jet into the gadhafi compound. the libyan government calls the report a nonsensical piece of news. >>> those four "new york times" journalists who were held captive are telling their story. the four were released yesterday and moved to tunisia. they were captured by libyan government troops last tuesday. the journalists say they were mistreated until they were taken to the capital. the photographer says she was punched in the face, sexually abused and told she was going to die. >>> the stated goal of the allied operation in libya is to
where the last vote to win the america cup is coming ashore. >> you claim you are okay with it. how about cleaning our water supply? bleach? some don't think that's a good idea. i'm mike sugarman and i will tell you why coming up. ,,,,,,,, saved the city of san francisco [ music ] >> time to call in mr. clean. you see, it turns out low-flow toilets have saved the city of san francisco a lot of water, but they are causing a stink in the city sewers. mark sugarman gets to the bottom of it. mike? >> reporter: well, it's sodium hypochloride. it's bleach. and san francisco wants to spend a ton of dough to put it in the water system to clean the water and make things smell better. but some people think a lot of it will end up in the bay. will it? san francisco is a beautiful place. but some parts stink. >> number two. >> poop. it smelled like poop. >> reporter: in some parts of the city, you don't even have to be near a storm drain. >> it's crap, what do you think it smells like? >> reporter: particularly on hot days, some neighborhoods smell bad, bad, bad. >> every city with a sewer syst
as one of america's best known business schools, and this morning she reviews his course of study with our tracy smith. >> reporter: so where does a former super model learn to run her multimillion dollar empire? how about harvard business school? you know, you could pay people to study that stuff. >> but you miss the point. >> reporter: from the big league to the ivy leagues with tyra banks. >> later on sunday morning. >> mason: money laundering is a practice with a very bad reputation unless it's the variation our bill geist has discovered. >> reporter: laura bell found some money in her dryer. $12,000 worth of lint. have you thought about other mediums? >> no, not really. >> reporter: just lint. >> so far i'm focused on lint. >> reporter: we'll show you how to turn your dryer lint into a valuable master piece later on sunday morning. >> mason: those stories and more on this special edition of sunday morning. first here are the headlines for the 6th of march, 2011. we begin with the battle for libya where government forces now apparently have the rebels in retreat. we get this m
comes from transportation for america, which bases its information on data from the federal highway administration. >>> santa clara city leaders will transfer $4 million to the 49ers all to protect funds set aside for construction of a new stadium. the city council approved that deal last night 5-2. they want to make sure that the state doesn't take the money if the legislature eliminates redevelopment agencies. the 49ers will use the money to relocate utilities and approve access to the site, which is now a parking lot at great america. >> that he may not play next year. >>> 5:-- they may not even play next year. >>> the nfl lockout taking a toll on a popular snack. >> of the biggies t-mobile is your val will you place. you get more for your money. that's not going to be the case going forward. >> a win or lose for cell phone customers the benefits and the drawbacks from the t-mobile- at&t mega-merger. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. customers of the two comp
. >>> plus a wikileaks copycat? what secret documents claim to reveal about a corruption in america's largest bank. coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new, 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. now you don't have to wait 6 weeks to get it. introducing natural instincts with our first color refresher. get healthy looking, ammonia-free color, then let the new refresher boost your healthy look 2 weeks in. it helps restore color pigments, so you can get a freshly colored look once again. natural instincts. it's all good. now get all the healthy looking color of natural instincts in our new vibrant shades. >>> welcome back to the "early edition." waking up to some damp but mild conditions. scattered showers throughout the bay. you can see these showers passing through from pacifica, san bruno, south san francisco and you can expect light rainfall and scattered showers throughout much of the morning. when it w
not yet inked a deal with the city to build the proposed $937 million project next to the america's theme park. >> we have essentially handed the $49ers $4.5 million but there is not a signature on any contract anywhere. >> reporter: they are working out the details of a complex financing plan and yes, the deal could fall through. >> there is not enough money to pay our workers what we did last year but there is enough money to pay the 49ers to build this stadium and that's just wrong. >> reporter: the city officials say the improvements they are making now won't go to waste. >> this is normal business that the city would do any company that moved into here that was building the site on city property. >> reporter: the city says it plans to spend between $700 and $800 of that $4.5 million this year alone on site improvements. but dana the city's full commitment is not yet known because there is no firm deal yet anyway. >> len ramirez, thank you. >>> it was a special edition but not one you would want to collect. what investigators have to say about the bizarre case of an exploding newspape
homeowners will be at america less city council this evening as the city prepares a resolution to declare an emergency that may open the funding for an emergency. >> i don't think it is fair for the homeowners to take on the benefit of a landslide. that was never anything that the sales people talked about. >> they expect to have perhaps some public comment on it. there is a question if they can do anything even if they have an emergency declaration. >> don nap, thank you for that. the slide problems don't end in hercules. there is also trouble just west of morgan hill tonight. and len ramirez gives us a closer look there. >> reporter: even the big machines of the county road crew look small in comparison to the massive slides blocking the hill. the road into the canyon here goes up about five mills but there is a 200-foot gap in it right now. volunteer firefighter carl taylor's son lives on the other side of the slide in a remote enabled now practically isolated for days. the slide made the only road into the area impassable. >>> he sent me a text last night and he was out of propane and
: allen, a pretty tense scene behind me. you can see the bank of america. that is at sanford. and there you see the officers. in fact, officers have sounded this bank of america. the situation started at around 4:30 this afternoon. the bay city news quoting zanata a community service officer with the police said that there were employees inside the bank, but they have been evacuated. and right now we understand that a gunman is still inside the bank. and we understand a negotiation is underway with that gunman. i talked to several people out here along here who told me that ultimately they have been talked to by the police. they have been pushed back one block, two blocks. and they have been told along the way that he is armed. so they are assuming that means the man who is inside the bank is armed. that appears to square away with what the police are saying right now. we don't know what the situation is right now, whether the communication is continuing or whether the man has stopped communicating. we will have to sort of pick back up on the story and talk to the police a bi
north america, south america, parts of russia, indonesia and we are supposed to see the remnants of that tsunami sometime after 8:00 this morning. >> that's right. evacuation orders in effect for parts of pacifica this morning. and with us over the phone is pete franco, we should let you know that's gianna franco's husband, our traffic reporter. hey, pete. i understand you were packing up this morning. >> yeah. absolutely. got to get all the guitars and amps and dogs and the kids and get them to higher ground. >> hope you have a big car. >> yeah. yeah. i got a truck luckily. >> you know, gianna tells me so you're in the linda mar area on the one of the lowest streets in the area. >> yes. absolutely. we're directly in the flood zone. so yeah, we're just hoping that we have a dry house to come home to today. >> what was it like getting out of pacifica and going up the highway and getting to higher ground? chopper 5 is showing us that it's gridlock up there and a lot of folks parked on the side of the road just kind of trying to wait for this tsunami to come and go. >> yeah. absolut
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will it last? how much will it cost? would those burning questions about america's involvement in libya, president obama just laid out his plans to the nation. phil matier listened in on his address. phil. >> reporter: this was president obama's most detailed speech on what the united states hopes to accomplish with the new military mission in libya and the president forcefully said that libyan leader moammar qaddafi left him little choice but to act. he said the u.s. acted to prevent a massacre. >> 10 days ago, having tried to end the violence without using force, the international community offered qaddafi a final chance to stop his campaign of killing or face the consequences. rather than stand down, his forces continued their advance bearing down on the city of benghazi home to nearly 700,000 men, women and children who sought their freedom from fear. >> reporter: the president went to great lengths to me assure the nation that the u.s. is not interested in regime change. that would take years he said and millions if not trillions of dollars. the burden of actions should not be amer
good-bye to you here in the moon. it would just be too touching. >> couric: tonight america says good-bye to one of its biggest stars. academy award winning actress elizabeth taylor. >> thank you with all my heart. >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, qaddafi's days in power may be numbered. the allies have put libya's air force out of business, and the crowds of his supporters are thinning. as your gas prices soar, we'll show you who is driving them up. and after he put a face on the aids crisis, she gave victims a very powerful voice. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. if movie stars are america's royalty, elizabeth taylor was queen. and her long reign has come to an end. as you've likely heard elizabeth taylor died today in a los angeles hospital, surrounded by her four children. the cause was congestive heart failure. as soon as the news broke, some of her many fans placed flowers on her star along the hollywood walk of fame. honoring a woman whose work
dead. president obama cut his latin america trip a few hours short to deal with the crisis. he'll meet with his national security team at his hotel before returning to the white house tonight. >> we will continue to support the efforts to protect the libyan people. but, we will not be in the lead. >> reporter: tuesday, he promised the u.s. would hand over control of the mission within days. he also called the leaders of britain and france and agreed nato would play a key role. >> it is not going to be our planes that are maintaining the no-fly zone. that's precisely what the other coalition partners are going to do. >> reporter: and it's not just western countries. warplanes from qatar landed in greece yesterday. they'll begin patrolling the skies over libya this weekend. the first arab nation to directly participate. and possible evidence gadhafi may be looking for a way out. secretary of state hillary clinton told reporters that some allies of gadhafi are reaching out on his behalf, asking questions like, how do we get out of this? clinton did not say exile is one of those options. b
been forced to take shelter against another threat: nuclear radiation. america's nuclear problem. where to store permanently more than 145 million pounds of spent fuel rods. and college students struggling to make the grade. what some schools are doing to make sure they graduate. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. it's four days into a u.s.-led assault on his military, and libya's moammar qaddafi has lost radar installations, tanks, and naval facilities but not his defiance. he appeared in public tonight in tripoli vowing to fight on and telling supporters he will win and will not surrender. qaddafi's forces kept up their attacks on civilians today in a number of cities held by rebels. but president obama said the allied operation has already saved civilian lives. still to be decided, though, is who will lead the operation when the u.s. steps back in the days ahead, though nato is expected to play a major role. meanwhile, a u.s. air force fighter jet crashed today
stitching their way to a few life in america. hunched over sew magazines making blouses called shirt waists, they were about to finish a day's hard labor. >> a cutter was smoking a cigarette and apparently one of the cigarettes dropped and there's lawn-- which kind of a dhin cotton-- and the lawn spread the fire very, very quickly. >> reporter: as flames swallowed the factory, the crowd below saw women jump from the upper windows. firemen's ladders were too short and fire escapes buckled and cracked. at least one door was said to be locked. >> this is the jewish daily forward from the day after the fire and you can see the headline says (speaking yiddish) "the morgue is full of our victims, who is responsible? ". >> reporter: 146 people died. >> the average age was 21. >> reporter: michael hirsch, a coproducer of an hbo documentary on the fire says the owners and the city were to blame. >> the reason these people died was because there just was almost no regulation of the workplace. >> reporter: as thousands joined to mourn the dead, horror turned to outrage. >> this fire really shook peopl
turned into a giant class action lawsuit against america's largest retailer. dukes went to court because she says male workers at walmart make more, and get promoted faster. >> walmart is trying their level best to keep us out of court so the facts will not be presented to the public at large or before a sitting jury. >> reporter: walmart says not so. the company argues that the suit is so big, that not all the women covered by it are in the same situation. and that's the issue that the supreme court will decide. not whether walmart is guilty, but whether hundreds of thousands of women should all be part of one giant lawsuit. at least one justice suggested he's troubled by lower court decisions that allowed the lawsuit to proceed. anthony kennedy also said he's unsure what was the unlawful policy at walmart. >> i've had a very positive experience at walmart, like thousands of other women. >> reporter: but outside court, a plaintiff told about being held to a different standard when she asked for a promotion. >> i was told to blow the cobwebs off my makeup and to doll up. >> reporter: wal
the controversy over america's next move. >>> and good morning, everyone. it is monday, march 28. i'm sydnie kohara. >> happy monday, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 4:30. and, you know, we thought we would bring the whole gang together. >> everything old is new again. we're back on the old set -- the evening show set so this is our new home, old home, new home. and everybody is here! this is great. so good to see everyone. >> keeping people on their toes this morning albright eyed and bushy tailed, right, elizabeth. >> right. [ laughter ] >> she had a busy weekend. >> i went to bed a little late last night. >> were you partying on the weekend? [ laughter ] >> going to be some great traffic today. >> are we doing traffic first? let's talk about traffic. let's go toward the bay bridge? no, we're not. we're doing weather first. >> give you a break. i'll take over weather. you have your coffee. we'll break her in here throughout the morning. >>> i have great weather news. sunshine, how about that? looking outside right now, you're seeing a few clouds out there starting out partly c
used to be a kitchen. they say a dozen chinese mothers came to america to give birth so their children could get citizenship and access to public education. neighbors always wondered why the pregnant women filled the townhome, walked the neighborhood and disappeared after their babies were born. >> they just seemed to not know where they're going. >> reporter: what do you mean? >> they just wandered. they would walk back and forth and back and forth and then cars would pick them up and take them away. >> the owner of the building denies any wrongdoing. he was fined $800. >>> 4:56. your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. more and more women are going gray at a younger age. the daily mail reports that 32% of british women under the age of 30 have gray hair. that is up 14% from two decades ago. many are blaming their changing hair color on stress and their husbands -- no, just on stress. [ laughter ] >> could be some husbands, kids. but doctors say one way to beat it is to start taking more vitamin d. >> the tributes are pouring in for film legend elizabeth taylor. the academy award winn
the nuclear regulatory commission to do a comprehensive review of the safety of america's nuclear plants. chip reid is our chief white house correspondent. chip, the president is trying to reassure americans here at home, protect u.s. citizens in japan and do all he can to help the japanese. >> well, katie, he's doing a lot. he's trying to do all thee of those things at the same time. but in japan today, the administration's top priority was clearly helping americans to get out. president obama signed a book of condolences today at the japanese embassy in washington. >> we are doing everything we can to stand by our great friend and ally, japan, in this hour of need. >> reporter: in japan, where airplanes are jam packed with people fearing the spread of radiation, the u.s. state department today offered voluntary evacuation for american citizens, including family members of u.s. diplomats. one plane left today with about 100 americans on board. hundreds more americans are stranded in sendai, north of the damaged reactors. 14 charter buses have been sent to bring them to tokyo. about 20,000 fam
trying to prevent a nuclear meltdown. and kids from around america and haiti, too, do what they can to help the people of japan. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> smith: good evening, katie is on assignment. president obama delivered a warning today to libyan dictator moammar qaddafi: stop slaughtering your people or face military action. the united states will help enforce a no-fly zone approved last night by the u.n. security council, but no american ground troops will be sent to libya. french and british warplanes could be in the air over libya by tomorrow. hours after the u.n. resolution passed, the qaddafi regime declared a cease-fire, but his forces reportedly kept shelling two cities-- misurata and ajdabiya. and there are also reports that qaddafi's forces are headed toward benghazi, the rebels' capital. david martin at the pentagon begins our coverage. david, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, harry. less than 24 hours after the u.n. security council passed that resolution auth
been a national figure for two decades. >> this is a contract with americans for america. >> reporter: there are personal considerations, as well. mike huckabee is making real money for the first time in his life, with a tv show and speeches. so is sarah palin. indiana governor mitch daniels is concerned about the impact on his family, and despite huge republican gains last fall, and a democratic incumbent with mediocre job approval ratings, president obama is seen as a formidable political figure who will be difficult to defeat. >> thank you. >> president obama, at worst, is even, or in many cases, is leading by as many as ten points. >> reporter: one factor that will eventually tempt many to announce, for the first time in decades, there's no clear republican front-runner. nobody can say who the favorite is. and in politics, nobody's usually right. jeff greenfield, cbs news, new york. >> interesting point there. well coming up a little bit later on "the early show," the big economic picture, as we look at the latest jobs numbers. and see whether we turn the corner on unemployment. >
peacefully last night after nearly five hours holed up inside a bank of america in corte madera. the gunman surrendered. witnesses say the man walked into the bank yesterday with what appears to be a typewritten manifesto. he rambled on and on about the financial system and capitalism while waving a gun. then he locked himself inside the building after letting bank customers and employees leave. >> what did he say? >> this he didn't want to harm anyone, that he was there to make statement about the economy and banking in general and just how corrupt and run by criminals it is. >> police say the man demanded a conversation with the ceo of bank of america and speak with president obama before he surrendered. >>> today is the deadline for pg&e to hand over documents proving that its gas pipe pressure levels are say. the state public utilities commission gave the company that deadline in the wake of the san bruno blast. if pg&e fails to come up with sufficient documentation, the cpuc is expected to tell utility to do some testing to check for leaks. that could be an expensive and inconvenient
on the labor front. a new survey finds most of america's biggest companies plan to increase hiring in the next six months. that follows a report wednesday showing the private sector added 200,000 jobs last month, and says its online job postings rose nearly 9% this month compared to march of last year. >>> a new study says the average 65-year-old couple retiring this year will need $230,000 to cover medical expenses. the study by fidelity investments says that figure is actually down 8% from projections made a year ago. this is the first time in ten years there's been a decrease in the longer run virtually every analyst expects costs to resume going up. >>> and google has chosen kansas city, kansas, to be the first to receive its ultrafast internet service. it's said to be 100 times faster than standard broadband service. if everything goes well, google plans to expand the superfast network to other cities. and the tech giant has also tweaked its search feature. some users will see a plus one button next to google's search results. clicking it allows you to recommend specific searc
in america. >>> good morning. it is thursday, march 10. i'm frank mallicoat. >> it is 4:30. i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie does have the morning off. time is 4:30 on the nose. let's get a quick check of weather and traffic. >> let's kick it over to lawrence. >> yes. >> yesterday was delightful. >> it was nice yesterday h a couple of 70s around the bay area but today a completely different story. just a couple of patches of fog to start out with. look what we have coming. we have the cold front diving into the bay area. carry that rain gear. you will need it. we'll tell you when coming up in a few minutes. right now let's check traffic with gianna. >> good morning. we start off with roadwork on 880, typical around this time of the morning. both directions of 880 near hayward, we have closures there, west 92 ramp to south 880 also closed. so far, so good on the bay area bridges, back to you guys. >>> thank you. >>> the deadline is here but governor jerry brown has asked lawmakers to delay today's vote on his budget plan. christin ayers is in oakland with how the standoff could have a great im
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in iowa. >> winning. >>> and fired. charlie sheen says he'll sue after losing his job on america's top tv sitcom. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, march 8th, 201rfo 2011.captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. nato has started flying surveillance planes over libya 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. it comes as the international community considers its response to what president obama calls the unacceptable violence by the gadhafi regime. rebel forces are under repeated attack by government troops following days of heavy bombardment, government forces appear to have retaken a key city 30 miles from the capital. on monday, president obama had this warning for the libyan government. >> i want to send a very clear message to those who are around colonel gadhafi. it is their choice to make how they operate moving forward and they will be held accountable for whatever violence continues to take place there. >> moammar gadhafi's real advantage is air power. the past several days, he launched a barrage of assaults using war planes and helicopt
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